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Official datafile repairing service provider*
Service team is created by over 20 years’ experience information technology talent and Certified Public Accountant


United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd. offers several support options, both designed to help you make the most of MYOB software and your business :

Phone Based Support
Onsite Support

MYOB Club Hotline Support Email Support Remote Support Data file Repairing* Free Training Class MYOB Discount**
12-month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 3 data files Yes Yes

*United Technologies (Int’l) Limited is appointed as exclusive data file repairing service provider in HKSAR & Macau SAR by MYOB Asia. Data file repairing include “reset password”, “separate serial number” and “data file repairing”.

**MYOB Discount include new product box set, upgrade, additional user license, solution product etc.

Support period: Monday to Friday, 09:15 – 13:00, 14:00 – 18:00 (exclude public holidays).

To have a better understanding of what the support options are please contact us.

United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd has been appointed the official service provider for data file repair from Oct 1st, 2010. Please contact United Technologies or your MYOB Certified Consultant for assistance should there be any problems.

Data file corruption
Serial number removal
Password removal

United Technologies focus on providing support service for customers who are either :
-> Registered version of the latest version
-> Registered version of other supported version (Please read the below chart)

Summary of support version :

Sunset Products - Table

MYOB product

Latest version

Other supported versions

Non supported versions
( Note: some MYOB Professional Partners may provide support )

MYOB Accounting


V19.8, V19.1, V17

V16 and below

MYOB Premier


V13.8, V13.1, V12

V10 and below

MYOB PremierPlus


V15, V13, V12


MYOB RetailBasics

Discontinued Product



MYOB RetailManager




MYOB BusinessBasic

Discontinued Product



Data File Repair

United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd has been appointed the official service provider for data file repair from Oct 1st, 2010. They have committed to provide you with the best solutions to your file matters. If you encounter below situations in your company file,

  • Error/ test/ termination codes
  • Forgot password
  • Removal of serial number
  • Other technical enquiries

Upto 3 company files repairing service is included standard in our support plans. For customers without a valid support plan, please contact our customer service @2960-1003 for one-time datafile repairing service.

MYOB License Upgrade

United Technologies would NO longer provide site key for MYOB old version, since this is sunset product. Customer could buy license upgrade to MYOB Premier Plus v19 with our datafile migration service, which is the recommended solution to continue working on existing datafile information.

MMYOB Premier Plus v19 license upgrade Package

  • Installation disc with English and Chinese Traditional interfaces
  • With same number of user license as current Premier version
  • Includes 5 datafiles migration from current version to Premier Plus v19
  • Includes 2 seat Getting Started training on MYOB Premier v19
  • Includes 30 days telephone and email support on MYOB standard functions
  • For interested parties please call our customer service @ (852) 2960-1002 for more information.

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Additional Users

If you run your business on a 'multi-user' MYOB product such as MYOB Premier or MYOB Premier Plus and you would like to increase the number of people who can access your business data simultaneously, we can provide further product licenses.

Our service includes

  • On-Site software installation
  • Update total workstation license in MYOB database

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United Technologies offers United MYOB Club annual support plan

The plan includes:
  1. Office hours telephone and email support on MYOB standard functions
  2. MYOB datafile repairing service (upto 3 company files repairing within support period)

MYOB & I.T. Service Support

United Technologies offers United MYOB Club Plus annual support plan A

The Plan includes:
  1. Office hours telephone and email support on MYOB standard functions.
  2. MYOB datafile repairing service. (upto 3 company files repairing within support period)
  3. 8* on-site manhours of MYOB I.T. platform support. (*MYOB Certified Consultant service would be counted double)

United Technologies offers United MYOB Club Plus (w/ ADDOn) service annual support plan B

The Plan includes:
  1. Includes office hours telephone and email support on MYOB Premier Plus functions, including all MYOB ADDOn developed by United Technologies and/ or ABSS Business Intelligence.
  2. Includes 4 manhours of MYOB Certified Consultant services (on-site or off-site if needed).
  3. This support package includes upto 3 MYOB company files repairing (done off-site at United Technologies office, company datafiles to be forwarded by email or FTP).

Activation / Confirmation

ABSS is enhancing the MYOB software activation server and all active MYOB software will have to be upgraded with a new license component beginning 6th of February 2017.

In order to keep your software active and protected, you are required to enable this by downloading and executing the attached licensev2.exe file in your program computer starting from 6th February 2017. This exercise should take you only 2-3 minutes to perform. Once you download and execute this file successfully, your next MYOB company file activation will be directed to a new upgraded server and security version. Please follow the below instruction for the installation.

LICENSEV2 FILE DOWNLOAD for activation / confirmation

Welcome to the Licensev2 download page. MYOB user must install the Licensev2 file for activation / confirmation. In order to proceed with the download, kindly fill in the details required below and click on “Apply”. United Technologies will send back the Licensev2 file to the related email when approve the information.

Q1. What is the function of the licensev2.exe file?
Successful download and execution of the licensev2.exe file in your program computer will link your MYOB program file to the new secure MYOB license server.

Q2. What is company file activation?
Company file activation is an easy periodic online confirmation process to verify the MYOB software used is indeed genuine. This process is prompted by the software program currently active and in use, to authenticate the program license details (i.e. Serial number) while a code is forwarded to you to complete the activation process.

Activation is only ONCE for any new company file you create. After the first time, your MYOB software will be prompted to periodically “confirm” the files.
The recurring process between 30 days to 12 months to confirm the files are the same as first time activation.

Q4. Is there a change to the existing activation process?
There is no change to the process on how you confirm active MYOB company files. You may choose to activate your company file online or by calling the hotline number reflected in your product. In both cases the activation process takes less than two minute.

Q.5 How often must I download and execute this licensev2.exe?
The good news is that you are only required to download this licensev2.exe ONCE (1) into your original MYOB program folder.

If you are operating using a terminal server to host your MYOB program files for remote access, then the licensev2.exe file must be downloaded and executed in your terminal server.

However, if you are moving your MYOB program file to a new computer (PC) then you will have to download the licencev2.exe file onto the new location.

Q.6 What happens once I have downloaded and executed the licensev2.exe file?
Nothing happens UNTIL your next confirmation due date.

When your MYOB software prompts for the next file reconfirmation the licensev2.exe (that you have successfully executed) will direct this process via the new enhance security server. All subsequent reconfirmation or any new file activation will happen automatically via the new server as well.

Q.7 What happens if I do not download and execute the licensev2.exe
Nothing happens UNTIL your next confirmation due date. When your MYOB software prompts for reconfirmation, and if your licensev2.exe file is not downloaded and executed yet, then your data file will become “read-only” (inactive).

Q.8 Can I still proceed to do activation or reconfirmation of my MYOB software without downloading the licensev2.exe/licensepay.exe?
Beginning 6th of February 2017 if the licensev2.exe file is not downloaded to your MYOB program folder in your computer and when your MYOB files are due for confirmation then you may still perform manual company file activation or reconfirmation off-line by calling the hotline number provided on your software.

However, going forward if you wish to ensure your MYOB company files are protected while enabling automatic recurring online confirmation of company files, you are advised to download and execute the licensev2.exe file.

Q.9 If I have multiple versions and multiple copies, how many times do we need to download the licensev2.exe file?
For all MYOB Premier and MYOB Accounting software if you have more than one version installed in your computer, you must ensure the licensev2.exe file is downloaded and executed in each program folder successfully.

Q.10 How can I get help on this matter?
- A step-by-step video guide on how to download and execute the licensev2.exe file online is provided.
- Ring the toll free number listed on your MYOB product to perform file activation manually and just follow the voice instructions


- Please ring the United Technologies hotline number in Hong Kong at +852 3402-9838 (during office hours) to speak to our customer service personnel for help.

Q.11 What happens if you upgrade your computer/ change computer?
When you transfer your MYOB program file to the new computer, no worries as the licensev2.exe file can be downloaded again.

[For Client Versions/ computers with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10]

Q.12 What should I do if/when I encounter the following message on my computer?
Please select “Download and install this feature” in order to proceed. Once NET 3.5 framework is turned on, user will be able to execute the licencesev2.exe file successfully.

Remote Support

Please download the Team Viewer for our support

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*United Technologies is appointed as official datafile repairing service provider in HKSAR and MacauSAR by MYOB Asia*